Friday, June 26

PSF: Spell Check--Mastercard style

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets from CostCo: $9.99
ABC Tator Tots: $4.29
Princess Crown Plate: $2.00

"MOMMY! You spelled ME!!!!!"

Making Sophie's night while her daddy was out of town: PRICELESS

Wednesday, June 17

WordFUL Wednesday:: Food Network Challenge

Dessert for the gestationally diabetic

Last night after complaining to Sophie about my sugar-free jello dessert instead of the big giant bucket of sherbet I wanted.......

Sophie: Here's dessert Mommy --tadpole tails, snake, frogs, and shrimp. Taste the shrimp Mommy, it has blueberries in it.

I like blueberries.

Sophie: Oh, and here Mommy, have some Mickey Mouse Milk with cinnamon.

Mouse milk? Now that's just plain weird!

Personally I think she was just being nice so she could take over the laptop--she'd been trying all night and is digging the webcam!

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Tuesday, June 16


There's a buzz in the air and it's not the bees--it's the WII's!

Jumpstart is coming out with a brand new game for the Nintendo Wii called Pet Rescue and they are going to send out some pre-release copies soon. For more information click here to go to Jumpstarts blog entry about the new game, or click below for the blogs homepage and browse through all the Jumpstart has to offer. You won't be sorry--it's one cool website!

Friday, June 12

PSF: Happiness is......

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Happiness is .....
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs! Especially when you can eat them and they have names like Cha-Cha!

We had taken Sophie to the Rainforest Cafe down in the big city (Chicago) a few weeks ago, and she was so excited to see the real-life version of these frogs wandering the restaurant while we lunched. His name is Cha-Cha and Sophie talked about him for days! THEN we saw this yummy Jello-O creation in the June issue of Your Big Backyard so of course she wouldn't stop bugging me until we made them.

**AHHHHH** So this is what normal feels like--it's been so long for me, I was starting to forget!

Sophie enjoyed it too! It was one happy day.

Tuesday, June 2

My little piano man......

I'm sitting here trying desperately to catch up with my favorite blogs while I jam some tunes from my new play list I created for our romantic summer evenings on the porch. Yeah, about as romantic as Willie the Whale can get.
Anyway, as I read and listen, my little guy in the tummy just started going crazy when Nina Simones' Love Me or Leave Me came on, and during the piano solo toward the end of the song he kicked out a finale that actually made me stop and hold my belly.
How cute!
The baby counters are definitely correct when they say the baby can hear in-utero. Oh and he seems to dig Gordon Lightfoot too. This kid is so cool!

Or wait, maybe he's trying to get me to turn the music off? Maybe he can't stand it--which is why he is going crazy. Uh oh. Now I don't know! It's just like these damn hormones to make me see both sides of the coin.

I miss my happy-go-lucky --the glass is half full-- mentality. Once these crazy hormones are gone, I should be able to claim my brain back and all of the butterflies and rainbows that go with it. I should add in some bullfrogs and firetrucks too!

(this is just me btw trying to ease back into blogging--I've been gone forever!)
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