Friday, April 24

PSF: A Yummy Recipe

With the amount of lemons thrown at me this week, I could easily open a fruit stand right in my front yard.
Now, at the beginning of the week-I would have simply thrown those lemons at anyone who happened to walk by--and probably chucked handfuls if you dared not to even think to say HI!
However, once my terrific Tuesday was underway, my entire attitude was transformed and I figured out a way to make some whoohoo lemonade instead.
And it tastes fantastic!
This is my favorite recipe to share although to be honest I've experimented with tons of recipes this week-and I love them all. If you are interested in some more--feel free to email me!

Susie's Digital Whoohoo Lemonade

The cooking time varies in this recipe by the amount of creativity you have to add to the mix.

One broken camera (lemons)
1/2 dozen old pictures waiting for editing (pitcher of fabulous ice water)
Premium package at Picnik (yummy sweet sugar)
A dash of your own creativity. (your very own special secret ingredient)

Once you have broken the camera, before you get to purchase a new one, you need to go back through your older pictures and find the millions that went unedited because time just moves to quickly.

Choose 6 of those unedited photos and upload them to your premium Picnik account. It's important that you have the upgraded version of Picnik so you can enjoy the FANCY COLLAGE version and scrapbook the pictures very easily for flavor.

Add a dash of your own creativity and viola! You now have some beautiful scrapbook pages! Picnik will easily store any unused photos for the next rainy day until you replace the broken camera!

For more recipes and some super photo stories please click below!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Thursday, April 23

It's all about Girl Power.

We had some almost perfect weather yesterday, so Sophie and I lunched at the Arboretum to celebrate Earth Day.
While we were picnicking,

Me: Please keep your strawberries on the towel instead of the table--other people eat here too.
Sophie: Oh sister.
Oh no!
Me: Why did you say that? I totally knew the answer.
Sophie: Because I want the boy to change back to a girl now.
sigh -- think fast, think fast, think fast!
Me: Well, at next week's appointment, whatever it is, boy or girl, is what it will be when it's born. OK? And I'm not sure it will work twice. You might only get one chance at that game.
Pathetic I know.
Sophie: OK. But I want it to be a girl now.

Fabulous-Next Wednesday should be so much fun. Here's to hoping she changes her mind!

Wednesday, April 22

WordFUL Wednesday: Is it a baby sister? Or a baby brother?

Yesterday morning while Sophie and I were getting ready for the doctors appointment I was explaining things for her to expect when we got there. I wanted her know what I would be going through so she didn't freak out. She kept saying, oh brother, after everything I explained.
Me: I have to give a urine sample. "Oh brother."
Me: Then they weigh me on their scale. frown. "Oh, brother."
Me: Then they will take my blood pressure and start to ask a million questions about my medical stuff. "Oh brother."

Finally I asked her, "WHY do you keep saying that?"

Sophie replied, "Becausssse Mommy, I want a our little baby girl to turn into a baby brother."

"Oh. Really? Well, we will find out next week, so keep saying that, maybe it will work!"

Well, she only had to wait about another hour. I had a completely unexpected ultrasound yesterday in which Sophie found out if she was a big sister to a baby sister or baby brother.

She is THRILLED!!!!!!
Can anyone guess? I circled the key parts so you can all see. Now, this is a blog about Sophie, so if you want to really get an answer--hop on over to my other blog , It's All About the Baby, to get a play-by-play account of yesterday's appointment and confirm if Sophie will have a baby brother or sister.

However, the doctor did say she's never been this sure of any baby in her life--even though she couldn't guarantee it! She giggled at how proud this baby was to show him or herself off! Life is good!!!!!!

For more WordFUL Wednesdays, hop on over to Angie's place at Seven Clown Circus.

Thursday, April 16

PSF: No picture can describe....

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Since this is PhotoStory Friday I need a photo:

This photo was taken about a month ago when Sophie was painting her rock collection. Today's story has little to do with this photo except that it is one of the last three pictures I ever took with my handy-little-pocket-sized-go-with-me-everywhere Sony Cybershot.

I'm feeling a little lost. Sophie through a fit and knocked the camera out of my hands My camera broke and a replacement has not yet been purchased.

So far, I've been OK. It's been about a week and a half, and besides EASTER (argh) I've not missed being able to snap pictures. The weather has been icky and we've been stuck in the house.

This morning however, I got my first pang of Man I need a camera--NOW! You see because Sophie and I were coloring the other day and she loves to give me her finished pictures with a little flourish like TaDa! I immediately say, "This is gorgeous--I'm putting on the fridge for the world to see." and I do.

Well, this time I actually finished a picture so I promptly gave it to her. TaDa! She immediately said, "It's gorgeous Mommy, I'm putting it on my refrigerator."

Now her refrigerator is a Step II plastic one. Very cute, but magnets won't work. I didn't give it another thought- thinking she would just end up throwing it around the room somewhere--or--eventually come and beg me to give her the tape dispenser. Nothing ever happened.

Until this morning. I just happened to glance over at Sophie's fridge.

Here's what I saw...


((Insert picture of my picture half hanging out the door of her refrigerator for the world to see.))

I want a picture of this! And it's not because I want the world to see my beautiful, almost-in the lines coloring either. She is totally smarter than me and figured out a way to hang a picture that I never even thought possible. Since I have no picture to describe--I'll have to stick with words . UGH!

Moral to this story? Don't drop a digital camera.

Oh well. Here's to a beautiful wordy weekend full of family (SHOPPING) time!

Monday, April 13


I used to think there was a conspiracy against parents by the toy companies (specifically their packaging departments) but now I think it actually got started by the creators of preschool programming. I still want to know what they have against parents.

Recently Sophie has been totally into rhyming words. We are reading Dr. Seuss like he's going out of style and she is loving every minute of it! She will go about her day rhyming away--dog rhymes with hog--cat rhymes with bat--and so on. Plus, if she stumbles upon a rhyme accidentally I get to see that Christmas face again: MOMMY--petal rhymes with kettle!

Wow, that is something:) We were making flowers out of jelly beans on our giant Easter cookie eggs.
Oh, she also likes to make up rhyming words by changing the first letter: cattle, mattle, dattle, tattle...she thinks this is tons of fun!

My only question to these clever creators of preschool shows is this: Why in the world did you name one of the Wonder Pets -- TUCK???!!!!

Thursday, April 9

PSF: Right Now

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I'm not the happiest of people immediately after opening my eyes in the morning. BUT,

When Sophie wakes up--you'd think she was rushing to see if Santa came --every morning. I usually give a cheerful 'good morning' or a quick little 'hey sleepy head!' That's about all I can muster up until I'm fully awake.


I've noticed that if I give her an enthusiastic "HEDDOE Butter Bee--How are ya?" As if I haven't seen her in two years--she always -always- breaks into gigantic smiles and giggles and comes running to give spontaneous hugs and kisses. ALWAYS--just like it's Christmas morning.

It doesn't matter that the house isn't clean, or her playroom doesn't exist yet, or her stubborn cold just won't go away, or that it's cloudy and cold AGAIN outside, or she won't get to go to the zoo yet, or that she didn't get to play her favorite game last night, or that I said NO to the millionth cookie that she wanted instead of dinner last night.

None of that matters because she lives in the moment. She is concerned with being happy right NOW.
Not tomorrow because it's not here yet and not yesterday because she knows it's gone and doesn't give it a second thought.

My new goal: make that' Christmas Morning' face appear on my little mouse as often as possible and start learning everything I can from my offspring who is most noticeably smarter than me.

So in the words of the great Van Halen--Right Now is Everything!

Life is good!

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