Friday, February 27

PSF: Sunny skies and Skittles are here to stay!

PhotoStory Friday
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Life is good.

What? WTH does that mean anyway? That is the question of the year.

I've seen this little slogan everywhere for as long as I can remember, but until about 3:30A.M. today I had completely forgotten it's existence. and Truth.

Life is good. Period. That's it. Nothing to it.

For what seems like 2 years really only to be 2 months I've been living in a cave. A dark, scary, smelly, depressing cave of gloom and doom. I couldn't see something good if it came up and bit me on the nose.

Today I realized -- Life is good. It's totally true. All you have to do is look for it-and sometimes you don't even have to do that-it just shows up.

I forgot that when all else fails, I can always come back to my land of rainbows and butterflies because after all, the GOOD is the glue that keeps my family tight as can be, and what's not good about rainbows and butterflies? They are pretty, cute, gentle, colorful, bright, hopeful, and sweet.

In the past whenever we have experienced bumps in the road I have simply focused on all of the fun that is my SOPHIE and everything we do together. The more I focused on the good stuff, the less important the problems seemed.

I can't believe I forgot about this little trick!

Unfortunately, it works the other way too as I have learned the hard way. The more I focused on problems the less important the good stuff seemed. EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!

It got so bad I even stopped blogging, and I LOVE BLOGGING!!!!
That's it!--no more nonsense. no more ickiness. I refuse to dwell on the bad stuff. It only proves to help crumble what my husband and I are painstaking trying to build--so from now on--I'm focusing on the glue that keeps us together--the good stuff.

Life is good.

Here's an example: February 7--not a cloud in the sky, not a speck of snow remaining, it's 65 degrees out and Sophie gets HOURS of outside time.


I even got a little color on my cave-dwelling cheeks! (and you all know how much I adore being in the SUN!)
This picture was taken on the 10th when the same kind of day happened again! BAM! Spring, right in the middle of winter, how cool is that??

I have also decided that in addition to focusing on the good stuff with Sophie I am going to journal on my other blog that I have renamed, It's All About the Baby, about all of my trials of being pregnant. I think it will benefit me because even when I am focusing on the positive, sometimes pregnancy can be downright scary. It is certainly GLAMOROUS if you know what I mean.

But I do want to keep it separate from the world of jelly beans and High School Musicals that is my journey with Sophie.
Oh yeah, we did have our HSM3 party complete with Mickey's D's and Shamrock Shakes on our famous magic table--totally fun! Plus, we recently discovered a yummy new cereal in honor of the terrific trilogy. Whoohoo for that!
Life is good!

Wednesday, February 18

WWordFullW: My Favorite Day of the Year

FEBRUARY 2= Sophie's Birthday

February 2 is my favorite day of the year and it has nothing to do with the weather, famous Phil's, or any other kind of Hallmark holiday. We can officially forget about the silly rodent now OK?

We started her big day, two days early, with a family party at a local bowling alley. Here, Sophie and company gathered for bowling, pizza, cake, and arcade games. TONS of fun for families with small kids--I highly recommend it--plus you get the added bonus of adults being able to participate too. Very fun night!!!!!

Here she is after knocking down a couple of pins during the 'cosmic' part of her bowling party. She had a ball!

Two days later on her actual birthday we celebrated the day with the cake that she designed herself-for BREAKFAST, and had an at-home beach party with her new rolly-poley hamster wheel toy. (see my last post)
We also stayed in jammies that day and Grammy and Papa came over for a birthday lunch.
We finished that day we a showing of both of the HSMusicals in preparation for the big day when the third movie came out on DVD, and we played a very long round of "telephone" so Sophie could practice answering her new electronic now conveniently placed in her bedroom.

As our final tribute to Sophie's special day, our third day was spent at our yearly tradition of creating a new build-a-bear. This is a picture of Sophie and her new kitty, Kitty, as she fluffed her up in the bathtub area. We then managed to spend a small fortune stocking up on a couple of outfits and created her birth certificate (the creator of this store was a business genius) and some shoes and finally bows for her hair--all for a separate small fee of course.

We ended our dedication to my now 4 year old with a quick trip to the Disney store (I hadn't been since Christmas and was having withdrawals) followed by a ride on the carousel after enjoying some of our favorite Aunt Anne's pretzel sticks. This is without a doubt one of our favorite ways to spend time together!

As you can see, I like to stretch FEBRUARY 2 out as long as possible and this year because her birthday landed on a Monday, I was able to do just that. So Much Fun!

Now starts the 'now that you are 4' routine with a lot of big girl changes right around the corner. I'll keep you posted. Right now we are working on her big girl bedroom that now includes her own Hello Kitty clock radio and night light (exactly like Lorelei Gilmore's) and her very own Barbie phone which she happily answers all the time!

I still can't believe Sophie talks on the phone now! It's so weird. Fun, but weird!

Friday, February 6

PSF: Animal Magic

When I was a kid February 2 was always a very fun day because Groundhog Day was just cool-well, as cool as in "let's celebrate a rodent day" can be. Now, as a kid I wanted lots of winter-playing in the snow was awesome-loved it and never minded being cold.

This year the stupid rodent chickened out and ran screaming back into his den. Damn--6 more weeks of winter.

I think somehow Sophie used psychic powers to zap poor Phil back home.

I guess kids are still the ones who love the snow.

BUT From what the weathermen are predicting though maybe Phil just ended up in a tree house somewhere because it really does look like spring is a-comin' oh yeah! 50 degrees this weekend I.can't.wait!

Fingers crossed everyone!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
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