Friday, June 12

PSF: Happiness is......

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Happiness is .....
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs! Especially when you can eat them and they have names like Cha-Cha!

We had taken Sophie to the Rainforest Cafe down in the big city (Chicago) a few weeks ago, and she was so excited to see the real-life version of these frogs wandering the restaurant while we lunched. His name is Cha-Cha and Sophie talked about him for days! THEN we saw this yummy Jello-O creation in the June issue of Your Big Backyard so of course she wouldn't stop bugging me until we made them.

**AHHHHH** So this is what normal feels like--it's been so long for me, I was starting to forget!

Sophie enjoyed it too! It was one happy day.


Kelly said...

what a cute idea and healthy too. I love it. And since I am a huge frog lover, I may just have to try this out with Collin.

I have missed you and glad to see you are back. I am falling behind too. :(

Sophie looks so grown up in the picture.
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Emily said...

That does look like it would make for a happy day!!! Bonus that it's healthy!

Robyn said...

Those look pretty good.
How are you doing?

Cecily R said...

Looks like the best kind of normal day....sorry you haven't had many of those lately. How are you feeling?

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