Tuesday, June 2

My little piano man......

I'm sitting here trying desperately to catch up with my favorite blogs while I jam some tunes from my new play list I created for our romantic summer evenings on the porch. Yeah, about as romantic as Willie the Whale can get.
Anyway, as I read and listen, my little guy in the tummy just started going crazy when Nina Simones' Love Me or Leave Me came on, and during the piano solo toward the end of the song he kicked out a finale that actually made me stop and hold my belly.
How cute!
The baby counters are definitely correct when they say the baby can hear in-utero. Oh and he seems to dig Gordon Lightfoot too. This kid is so cool!

Or wait, maybe he's trying to get me to turn the music off? Maybe he can't stand it--which is why he is going crazy. Uh oh. Now I don't know! It's just like these damn hormones to make me see both sides of the coin.

I miss my happy-go-lucky --the glass is half full-- mentality. Once these crazy hormones are gone, I should be able to claim my brain back and all of the butterflies and rainbows that go with it. I should add in some bullfrogs and firetrucks too!

(this is just me btw trying to ease back into blogging--I've been gone forever!)


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