Wednesday, April 22

WordFUL Wednesday: Is it a baby sister? Or a baby brother?

Yesterday morning while Sophie and I were getting ready for the doctors appointment I was explaining things for her to expect when we got there. I wanted her know what I would be going through so she didn't freak out. She kept saying, oh brother, after everything I explained.
Me: I have to give a urine sample. "Oh brother."
Me: Then they weigh me on their scale. frown. "Oh, brother."
Me: Then they will take my blood pressure and start to ask a million questions about my medical stuff. "Oh brother."

Finally I asked her, "WHY do you keep saying that?"

Sophie replied, "Becausssse Mommy, I want a our little baby girl to turn into a baby brother."

"Oh. Really? Well, we will find out next week, so keep saying that, maybe it will work!"

Well, she only had to wait about another hour. I had a completely unexpected ultrasound yesterday in which Sophie found out if she was a big sister to a baby sister or baby brother.

She is THRILLED!!!!!!
Can anyone guess? I circled the key parts so you can all see. Now, this is a blog about Sophie, so if you want to really get an answer--hop on over to my other blog , It's All About the Baby, to get a play-by-play account of yesterday's appointment and confirm if Sophie will have a baby brother or sister.

However, the doctor did say she's never been this sure of any baby in her life--even though she couldn't guarantee it! She giggled at how proud this baby was to show him or herself off! Life is good!!!!!!

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angie said...

Congratulations on a boy. What exciting and wonderful news! :)

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, congrats!!!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Too cute - I recognize that boy gear without even looking at the other blog! Congratulations to Sophie on her new baby brother,


Missy said...

It must be a boy thing, because my little guy did the same thing during his ultrasound - proudly showing off those boy parts. He still likes his boy parts. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

HOw exciting. :) woo hoo for the blue team. :)

Emily said...

Totally a boy...I know you're thinking I cheated since I read the other posts first, but after two boys I can definitely spot one a mile away! Just a warning...he'll be that excited to show off his boy parts in real life too! lol

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