Monday, April 13


I used to think there was a conspiracy against parents by the toy companies (specifically their packaging departments) but now I think it actually got started by the creators of preschool programming. I still want to know what they have against parents.

Recently Sophie has been totally into rhyming words. We are reading Dr. Seuss like he's going out of style and she is loving every minute of it! She will go about her day rhyming away--dog rhymes with hog--cat rhymes with bat--and so on. Plus, if she stumbles upon a rhyme accidentally I get to see that Christmas face again: MOMMY--petal rhymes with kettle!

Wow, that is something:) We were making flowers out of jelly beans on our giant Easter cookie eggs.
Oh, she also likes to make up rhyming words by changing the first letter: cattle, mattle, dattle, tattle...she thinks this is tons of fun!

My only question to these clever creators of preschool shows is this: Why in the world did you name one of the Wonder Pets -- TUCK???!!!!


Hi, my name is Julie said...


Thnx for the follow too. I saw it today. Hopefully you will have something to actually follow...yikes.

Missy said...

lol! one smart kiddo you have there...

Corey~living and loving said...

tee hee....too funny. oh how my sugar went through a stage like that. she was obsessed with Rhyming. it was so fun. she still does it, but not like she did a year ago. wow!

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