Thursday, April 23

It's all about Girl Power.

We had some almost perfect weather yesterday, so Sophie and I lunched at the Arboretum to celebrate Earth Day.
While we were picnicking,

Me: Please keep your strawberries on the towel instead of the table--other people eat here too.
Sophie: Oh sister.
Oh no!
Me: Why did you say that? I totally knew the answer.
Sophie: Because I want the boy to change back to a girl now.
sigh -- think fast, think fast, think fast!
Me: Well, at next week's appointment, whatever it is, boy or girl, is what it will be when it's born. OK? And I'm not sure it will work twice. You might only get one chance at that game.
Pathetic I know.
Sophie: OK. But I want it to be a girl now.

Fabulous-Next Wednesday should be so much fun. Here's to hoping she changes her mind!


Kelly said...

HA. this is too funny and cute.
Once Baby is here she will LOVE him/her regardless.
If she is still wanting a sister, remind her that she would have to share toys, clothes, friends, etc with another girl, but a boy will have all his own toys, clothes, friends, etc.
That should work. ;)

Golfersmom said...

That is so cute. She will be fine once the baby gets here and she see him/her.

Emily said...

That's so funny. My oldest son was very specific with what he wanted with both my subsequent pregnancies and he was right both times too! I have 2 boys and a girl, and I can tell you that boys are a ton of fun too!

Hi, my name is Julie said...

Oh Sister! LOL!

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