Monday, March 23

Window Shopping

You know the saying, 'Act as if thee have faith, and faith shall be given unto thee,' or in other words 'Fake it until you make it?'

Yeah, well, I'm not so sure how they truly work either, but I am certainly giving them a go. A couple of weeks ago I was fed up with not being able to build or even work on my nest. I have to wait until my husband moves his office outside of our basement. I'm going to turn the basement back into Sophie's playroom so I can baby-proof the rest of the house and get ready for the new arrival. WELL,
Since he's not out and I can't cater to my nesting itch--then of course I want to go shopping--but in the economic funk of the world that doesn't seem very possible either. Not to mention that I'm still really early in the pregnancy and I guess I'm more superstitious than I thought. I should at least wait until I find out if it's a boy or girl.

SO--in the midst of it's just 'a little too cold to play outside' but the sun is shining away and we can't clean or organize because we don't have the room and we can't actually go buy the new furniture I want--then we at least need to get OUT of the house and fake it.

So what did I do?

I went to register at Baby'sRus. I mean, Sophie and I were bored to tears, so I suggested that we go pick out new stuff for the new baby.
Sounds stupid, but really we had TONS of fun. Sophie loved holding the 'zap it' gun and I loved getting out to see what's new and cool in the world of baby. Besides that--it was a little more fun than real shopping because we got to zap everything we wanted. Sophie thought it was so cool when I kept saying--Get IT--every time she asked if she could get 'this' for new baby.

We.had.a.BALL! 2 hours later it was time to go home for lunch and a little viewing of HSM3. What a great day.

AND even though we didn't actually buy anything that day--except the jelly beans and pizza rolls that I was craving for lunch-- I did manage to find a bunch of things that I do want for new baby AND because I actually started a registry I got a bunch of free gifts from the store! Whoohoo for window shopping!

This was the first time I actually had fun not buying anything and I didn't even worry about it since we still have a good six months before baby.

Oh, and once again, Sophie is teaching me that she is a little Mommy sponge, and even if words aren't actually spoken to her, she's still soaking up everything she hears.

We were smell-testing baby lotions and shampoos when Sophie encountered one she didn't like.
"MOMMY," she shrieked as loudly as possible, "this smells like CRAP!"

That's mommy's little princess! I was so proud. Yikes.

When I quickly and calmly said, "Sophie you can't say CRAP." (I whispered the icky word.)

Guess what she said?
"YOU do Mommy."

Yikes again.

"Well, we don't say it in public."

What else was I supposed to say:)


Robyn said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. That was a great idea to have her help you pick out stuff.

Nicki said...

LOL... Sophie is so funny...
That reminds me of last week when my sister's friend and her three kids came over to play. The friend's 5-year-old was playing with a stuffed dog, and she walked up to me and said, "This dog is such a pain in my ass! First he ate all my carrots, and then he tried to kill me!" I was like, "Uh...... OK....."

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