Sunday, March 1

Silly Sunday: Can you spell that please?

"Your name?"

Susie Widloe? I always respond to that question with a question-as if I can't believe my name is Susie Widloe! My husband thinks it sooooo funny. Susie Widloe? Really?

then, LOTS of people assume when I give my name, that I am saying w-OO-dloe, instead of w-I-dloe.
Once we get over the 'wood' part of the name, next comes the l-o-E spelling, instead of l-o-W.
I tend to get all annoyed at the inconvenience of it all-and most of the time assume other people are weird to misspell my name. Jeez! Get it right people! what.a.pain.

Imagine my surprise (no-make that my dorky-bubblegum excitement) when I stumbled across an old Partridge Family minisode on the new Hulu website.
The show is titled, "The Story of Red Woodloe." Not only is it spell wood-like people assume, but it also has the E instead of the W to it!

Yep, just another example of how I'M the weird one around here. I mean really, whoever heard of spelling Woodloe with an "I?" ;)


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I hate trying to give people my name here. I say White, you know like the color? So they say weiss which would be correct in German but not in english! I get a lot of things address to Mrs A Weiss!

Kelly said...

you are funny.
I still write & give my maiden name...A LOT. Not on purpse, but bc I am still not use to my married name.
My last name now is Johnson and as simple and common as it is, people STILL spell it JohnsTon. Not such a big deal to me, but bugs my husband. When someone asks him to spell his name, he says "Johnson, without a T" . ha ha ha

People are just in too big a hurry these days and don't take the time to listen. I think that is it.

Hi, my name is Julie said...

C'mon get happy!! Very silly sister.

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