Tuesday, March 17

All Aboard Diner

When I was in college they taught us that in order to fully 'wrap-up' any lesson or theme used in teaching we had to create a closing culmination activity or field trip. What better way to wrap up our A's than to a field trip lunch at the All Aboard Diner?

They should rename the place the the Great Train Robbery. Or how about Choo Choo Cha-Chings. Good in theory and in gimmick, but the place was anything but what we expected. I don't have to tell you how Sophie felt about it--look at that face in this picture! She might have mirroring my face after spending almost $40 on a lunch for 3! At a diner. Not a steakhouse, or even just a Chili's for heavens sake. Ridiculous!!!!! The food wasn't even that good, much less that big. Come on.

Anyway, the next time I pick a field trip, I will have to do better homework before venturing out.
You can tell my hubby got a big kick out of the train that delivered the food. I think he had more fun than the two of us combined!

But, in all fairness to the afternoon, it did feel good to get out for a bit especially when February 2009 seems to have been the longest month in recorded history. Plus, I LOOOOOVVVEEE spending time with my two favorite people in the world, so no matter how much money or time we spend--it's always worth it.

*Oh, we finished the A's about two weeks ago, but I totally forgot to blog about them-so this post is just a touch late!


Kelly said...

WoW...that is crazy. $40 and they served you on styrofoam plates? I would have questioned it.
Sophie's face is priceless.
Collin would LOVE that place though. He LOVES trains. Our ice cream shop has a train that runs overhead and he always wants to go there.

Melissa said...

I've heard about this place before but I had no idea it would cost $40 to eat there...ouch!

Nicki said...

Whoa, thanks for the warning! We're doing a train theme next week and I was gonna take them to a train restaurant one of the days. Definitely not going to THAT one! Have you ever been to the 2Toots Cafe? There's one in downtown Downer's Grove (across from the train tracks) and apparently now one in Glen Ellyn. The prices look a little better, and EVERYONE gets their food delivered by train, not just the people at the counter!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

hey - is this in Downer's - I was thinking of taking the kids to this place with the in-laws - it's crappy??

Theresa said...

We LOVE this place! Yes, it is a bit pricier, but for a kid's themed restaurant, I consider the food and the sevice outstanding. No, we cannot afford it every week, but for us, it is so worth the splurge.

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