Monday, March 16

Paying it Forward to.....

Congratulations to Corey! @ Living and Loving Every Minute of It!

It won't be hard to follow Corey's blog with her gorgeous pictures of her little Sugar Bear, all of her infinite mommy wisdom, and her love and expertise for photography that she is happy to share. She's got one cool blog and she is a great blogger friend. Thanks to everyone who was interested in the book, and please don't forget to follow Corey so you can get another chance to play!

I had written every one's name on a sticky note and put them in a basket and had Sophie pull the winner.

Sophie: "Why am I doing this?"
ME: "So I can give away a book."
Sophie: "Can I have jelly beans?"

So, Sophie wasn't exactly interested--but I know a bunch of you out there are, so keep an eye on Corey because she will be paying-it-forward when she's done.
Thanks for playing!!!!


Melissa said...

LoL! I'm with Sophie, can I have jelly beans? :)

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