Sunday, March 1

ABC's are here again!

Thanks to the help of an awesome website called Starfall Sophie and I are resuming our preschool activities until the it's time for her to actually go to school.
We started with the letter A because Sophie said she wanted to go in order. OK, so our ABC days are back.
First, we did about 30 minutes of computer time, and later after lunch we did these pages together--which are similar to some of the activities online. She got a lot of practice following directions (coloring the capital A's red and the lowercase A's yellow,) tracing her letters, counting the number of apples and finishing the sequence by drawing in the four picture, cutting and gluing pictures of things that start with A, and we even got lucky because we did this on Presidents Day and actually found a pic of good ole' President Lincoln himself--A is for Abraham.
Anywho, Sophie even helped me turn all of her cutout pictures into a silly sentence using all of the cutout words she found in the magazine: Awesome Abraham jumped Above an Ape in the A.M.
Stay tuned for more of our preschool adventures and a brand new website I'll be reviewing shortly called, Jumpstart. We've already had tons of fun there.
As for today, the poor little mouse woke up with a nasty case of the stomach flu. As of now, about 4:30--she can't even keep an water down. Poor thing--she's so thirsty!
I wonder what is the mystical force that makes me instinctively hold out my hand to catch her vomit? I really don't think I care that much about my floors--why in the world do I do that?


Melissa said...

I don't know about the puke thing but all of us parents do it. Odd, huh?

We love Starfall over here. In fact, they still use it in 1st grade at Hope's school!!

Kelly said...

I am going to have to check out those websites. THANKS!
I am so sorry that Sophie is not feeling well. I hope it is just a 24hr thing.
I agree it is a parental (Mommy) relex to hold out your hands. I am guilty of it too. Us CRAZY Moms.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I just heard about Starfall. I need to check it out! What a smart cookie your daughter is.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Vomit - I have no idea why we do it but been there and done that and will do it again!

Good work Sophie! It looks like mommy's has you learning and having fun at the same time!

Robyn said...

I hope she's feeling better soon.

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