Wednesday, February 18

WWordFullW: My Favorite Day of the Year

FEBRUARY 2= Sophie's Birthday

February 2 is my favorite day of the year and it has nothing to do with the weather, famous Phil's, or any other kind of Hallmark holiday. We can officially forget about the silly rodent now OK?

We started her big day, two days early, with a family party at a local bowling alley. Here, Sophie and company gathered for bowling, pizza, cake, and arcade games. TONS of fun for families with small kids--I highly recommend it--plus you get the added bonus of adults being able to participate too. Very fun night!!!!!

Here she is after knocking down a couple of pins during the 'cosmic' part of her bowling party. She had a ball!

Two days later on her actual birthday we celebrated the day with the cake that she designed herself-for BREAKFAST, and had an at-home beach party with her new rolly-poley hamster wheel toy. (see my last post)
We also stayed in jammies that day and Grammy and Papa came over for a birthday lunch.
We finished that day we a showing of both of the HSMusicals in preparation for the big day when the third movie came out on DVD, and we played a very long round of "telephone" so Sophie could practice answering her new electronic now conveniently placed in her bedroom.

As our final tribute to Sophie's special day, our third day was spent at our yearly tradition of creating a new build-a-bear. This is a picture of Sophie and her new kitty, Kitty, as she fluffed her up in the bathtub area. We then managed to spend a small fortune stocking up on a couple of outfits and created her birth certificate (the creator of this store was a business genius) and some shoes and finally bows for her hair--all for a separate small fee of course.

We ended our dedication to my now 4 year old with a quick trip to the Disney store (I hadn't been since Christmas and was having withdrawals) followed by a ride on the carousel after enjoying some of our favorite Aunt Anne's pretzel sticks. This is without a doubt one of our favorite ways to spend time together!

As you can see, I like to stretch FEBRUARY 2 out as long as possible and this year because her birthday landed on a Monday, I was able to do just that. So Much Fun!

Now starts the 'now that you are 4' routine with a lot of big girl changes right around the corner. I'll keep you posted. Right now we are working on her big girl bedroom that now includes her own Hello Kitty clock radio and night light (exactly like Lorelei Gilmore's) and her very own Barbie phone which she happily answers all the time!

I still can't believe Sophie talks on the phone now! It's so weird. Fun, but weird!


Robyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sophie.
Looks like she had a great birthday and she designed quite the cake.

Corey~living and loving said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful girl! :) looks like a super duper GREAT birthday. :)

angie said...

Happy Birthday! That is one birthday celebration. I'm not going to tell my kids what you did. :)

Supercool Hotmama said...

I am all about stretching out celebrations! Happy birthday Sophie!

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