Thursday, January 8

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This is the latest pic of Sophie. To me, even though the quality of the photo isn't great, she has lost all of her 'baby" and is officially a big-girl. The best big-girl on the planet I have to say.
I'm contemplating --no make that WORRYING--some of these 'big girl' changes that are about to take place: school, naps, night sleeping, portable comforts, etc; Sophie doesn't even notice much, yet I am freaking out.

I'm not ready for her to go to school yet. OK? There. I said it. I'll miss her. There are still things that need to be done, like outings to the zoo and bicycle trips to the arboretum. Now that I have the big truck we'll be able to cart her new 'big girl' bicycle and my bicycle + the trailer if she wants --anywhere we want to go. I can't wait. Adding preschool would just make her schedule a little too chaotic for both of us and the bike-rides & zoo just wouldn't take precedent over school.

So let's forget school. She's still only 3 after all. Time for me to make the most of it. She got a new shopping cart and a cash register for Christmas, so we are having a blast shopping right now-we've literally spent hours taking turns buying groceries. SO MUCH FUN! And not only are we getting in some good people skills like politeness, manners, and courtesy, but we also work on math;money-quantities-addition-oh yeah, number recognition, AND problem solving like figuring out if you need to buy one or two boxes of cereal and such. For me this is better than school. We both love it.

However, come April, her daddy will most likely no longer be working from home, so there is the danger of zero mommy time which makes mommy not-so-happy after awhile.

Preschool doesn't sound too bad when I put it that way.

I think the best compromise will be to find a school that she can attend once a week until the fall when she can join a 'real' preschool and go three days a week. I'm sure I'll be ready by then--I mean Sophie will be ready.

Now, all I have to do is find the place and once she's turn the magic '4' we're all set.
Phew. I can stop worrying now. Thank God. I was really stressed and only because I forgot my own rule that everything happens naturally. I don't need to push, fight, or manipulate as long as I am showing Sophie a good example of how to live. You know, "parent" her. Easy right? When will I learn?

For example, she choose to stop drinking a bottle on her own time-I didn't need to fight or 'wean' at all--it was all so simple, natural, and absolutely no big deal.
I did however waste several months on the 'OMG, my 2 year old still has a bottle' nonsense in my head.

For another example, Sophie choose to rid herself of her diapers--again--on her own time. I did give a slight push last summer when I said "absolutely no diapers in the swimming pool," but after that I just let her be --and before I knew it I heard the magic words, "Mommy, I want to wear my undies all the time now!"

Too bad I spent almost 6 months really sweating my incredibly tall 2 year old in diapers-constantly worried about all of the 'looks' I would get and the disdain from other would-be-friend moms that I couldn't be friends with because my daughter was not yet potty trained and couldn't attend certain classes.

Then Sophie turned 3 and I endured another 4 months of uncomfortable hell, until I let nature take it's course and she finally lost the diapers for good.

SO why am I worried about preschool? 'Cause it's how I roll. I'm also currently worried about where she sleeps at night-family or baby bed, when will she let go of the binkie, will she ever stop napping--god NO!-- and if so what in the world will we do with all of this time?--oh yeah, preschool--duh!-, and the biggest worry of the day, how will I get her to open her mouth for the dentist without drugging her?***

When will I learn to remember that all things happen naturally? When will I ever stop worrying about 'what's next' in the grand scheme of growing and maturing? Yeah I know, when hell freezes over, I just may get a good worry-free night of sleep. In the meantime I have my blog, my health club, and the forever best friend--Skittles!--to keep me company during my times of stress.

I could just give it to God knowing He has the final say anyway, but I don't have that much Mom-confidence to announce that to the neighborhood moms as my daughter runs around with her bunny bear on the back of her bike.

But I can just say, "Today I am letting her be," and maybe even inspire another mom to chill out a little. Hmm, maybe I should take my own advice!

***Seriously, I need some tricks for the dentist. I am completely against child 'doping' (TWO dentists have told me this is the only other option if is doesn't open up herself-TWO!), but I understand the importance of dental hygiene (especially since I have more than just one cavity right now because of my lack of dental visits and strange immature love for skittles) and have absolutely no idea how to do this one.
I am very anxious because A. I do not want my soon-to-be 4 year old to have to have a root canal on a little baby tooth and B. she grinds her teeth at night- BADLY- and I am really concerned about that. This is one of the reasons I still allow the binkie--she doesn't grind when it's in her mouth.

OK, so if anyone knows of anything I would love the suggestions. I really need some help here.
Have a great weekend! Thanks for playing!


Kelly said...

just a little insight into my world...CJ is 3yrs and 8.5 months...he has not yet been to the dentist for the same reason. He will not sit still for a DR, there is NO way he is going to sit in a weird contraption of a chair and let some stranger look in his mouth. NO WAY, ain't happening. So why bother...yet. They are just baby teeth and will fall out regardless. RIGHT? ;) We do brush his teeth at least two times a day and sometimes a dozen times a day.
Onto diapers and potty training...again CJ is 3yrs 8.5 months...and guess what...he is JUST learning to go to the potty for #1. He wants NO PART of going #2. I have also stressed over this and maybe even lost some sleep, but you know what...each child is different and I am confident that my child will not go off to college in diapers. (I was however wondering if he would start kindergarten in pull ups) ;) I tried numerous times just after his 2nd Birthday to train him, but he wanted no part of it and it only upset us both the harder I pushed. So I stopped.
Now...worrying...I am a firm believer that worrying is part of being human and a Mommy...but over the past year I have turned my worry into wonder. Like you said...God is in control after all. (we just think we are);) Instead of worrying how or when things will get done, I wonder how or when they will get done. It does not seem like a big difference, but wondering is a lot less stressful.
You know I am in the same boat with pre-school. did they get to be so big??? WHAHHHHHHH
CJ will go to pre-school in the fall for three days each week, while I sit here and enjoy some of the ME time and wonder weather or not we will send him to private or public school for kindergarten and weather or not it is in our best interest to home school him after that.
Agh...the decisions that lay before us.
I am thinking about you and praying for you.

Robyn said...

I thought the nuk would be impossible to get rid of, but one weekend the one we had left got left at day care and it was gone. We're easing into the potty training. Our big arguement is school since her birthday is in late Aug and whether we should hold her back a year. I say send her.

Honey Mommy said...

I have to say that my second child has helped me to be less of a worrier... but I think we all do it!

Good luck!

Chris said...

It can be a little traumatic when you first realize that your baby is no longer a baby, but a kid. But it all works out -- each stage is (mostly) a blessing.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

my son didn't see the dentist until he was 5 years old - seriously - NO ISSUES - just needed a major cleaning!! I refused to torture my poor son with just a dentist - all those teeth fall out anyway!!

and - all things work out- your little gal will surprise you with how grown up she is when the time comes for transitions!!

us mommas on the other hand . . well we are a bit slower!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

my kiddos love the dentist. they even ask to get their sugar buds cleaned off. weird kids of mine!

Kelly Deneen said...

Sorry, no advice here, as my daughter is younger than yours. I am happy to read the advice you receive though. heh. And she is adorable! :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

You are doing a great job! I know the same feelings are passing through me now too. But you are right, everything happens when it's suppose to.

As for the dentist, well, I have SEVERAL posts about our little event. I'll simplify.

Izzy, 2 1/2 at the time, went to the dentist and actually did okay. No tears and she opened up wide. It was after the visit that we had to schedule surgery.

Izzy has bad teeth, like her parents. She had 5 cavities and needed one crown. Children this small do not do well awake, so we were told she would have her dental work done at the children's hospital, under anesthesia. I was not too worried about this. She NEEDS it done and I want her to have a great smile with all her teeth. The dentist said this is normal, it's how they do all of their small children. All sorts of doctors are in the operating room while she's under. Everything is monitored. THE ONE THING we were not aware of until surgery was that she would have to be intubated while under. Scary, I KNOW!

They put the child on a breathing machine with a tube up their nose and down to the lungs. It's normal procedure. ASK A LOT of questions before you go in and learn all you can about the procedure, but like us, I am sure you will find it necessary. Especially if she does need work done. I know my two year old would not allow a doc to drill and canvas her mouth while she was awake. I am quite sure she would be traumatized forever.

Sorry I have been wordy, but if you'd like to know anything more, you can email me and I'd be happy to help.

Shannon said...

Preschool will go fine, don't worry!! My second is in preschool this year, and is really thriving and loves it. It's only hard at first, and it's much harder on YOU, of course!

There are great trip to the dentist books you can read together, and some videos you can get (probably from your local library). Talk about the trip as much as you can to prepare her before she goes. We had two visits where my son just went in, met the dentist, sat in the chair and touched all the instruments before they actually even contemplated looking inside his mouth!

Good luck :-)

KatieZ said...

Oh you have just sited what EVERY parent goes thru when their baby is getting older! All I can say is this...Get used to it! Cuz soon she will be an Adolescent, then a Tweenager, then finally a Teenager! And at every stage you will go thru this exact same bout of anxiety!

Aren't I just a Ray of Sunshine today!?

As for the dentist...not sure what to say. I was against if for a while too, but my Son had to get in. So I went with the dope, eventually he quit having to get it. He is 9 now and hasn't been doped at the Dentist for about 3 years! Good luck with it!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I loved reading this advice because Lord knows I need it too. All I know is that this too shall pass and we'll all be stronger!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

It is hard when they grow up! I agree with Honey Mommy, the second one made me worry less, but I still do it too much!

Tracy said...

Lots of great advice here...

There is an amazing pediatric dentist I highly recommend. The whole staff is fantastic, and they are experts at what they do. Let me know if you'd like the info.

Good luck!!

Susie said...

Sure Tracy, send me the info I'll check it out. Too much information doesn't exist right?

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

They grow up and it's hard.
I just took my twins to the dentist for the first time on tuesday. Em was a trooper and she went first. She only cried once when they put that nasty fluoride on her teeth. Scott went back there and he looked like a cat being taken to the bathroom for a shower! He was clinging to the corners of the walls and freaking out! We finally got him back there and I was holding him and it was not good. We went back out to the waiting room and his older sister went back. he and dad went and watched her get a check up and then it was his turn and he was excellent. he laid on my lap and was a real trooper.
Thinking of writing up a post about it... it was kinda funny!

Tracy said...

Dr Rita Tamulis-Shea
3290 Executive Drive Unit 100
Joliet, IL

Phone: (815) 729-2277

Mama Zen said...

The main advice that I would give about the first trip to the dentist is to make sure that the dentist is someone that YOU like and trust. If you're scared, she will be, too.

::Ali:: said...

AWWW She is soo adorable!
They do grow up to fast, I know mine are now in 7th grade and 2nd grade..SIGH!
But your lil one will enjoy preschool, it did wonders for my 7yr old!

SoCo mom said...

We carefully chose a pediatric dentist who works with autistic children. My son (just turned 4 -- yay!) is autistic and doesn't like things in his mouth if it's someone else's idea.

He watched big sister go through checkup and cleaning and then it was his turn. I ended up holding him on my lap and being his mommy restraints/comfort pillow. Second visit, he did it all on his own. My daughter loves going there.

They schedule visits so no one else is at the office, so the whole experience is as calm as possible.

Yes, their baby teeth will go, but good hygiene at this point means that their gums and grown up teeth will have better overall health. (That said, we don't brush and floss every night).

Keep looking for another pediatric dentists, if you can -- and good luck!

angie said...

Watching our kids grow up isn't supposed to be so hard.......:)

Is she afraid of the dentist? Because my kids open right up and NEVER have a, they've never had a root canal, but they have had multiple cavities filled.

my2boyz said...

Pre school will be just fine, you will be OK, I promise!!! As for the dentist....we take the boys to a pedatric dentist, everything is kid sized and there are TV's on the ceiling and they can pick out a movie to watch while they are getting a cleaning! They LOVE going to the dentist! Hope this helps!!!!

Corey~living and loving said...

first this post. I think it is important to honor who you are as a mom, and how your child needs to be in charge of some stuff. :) well done.

I haven't read any of the advice, but I'd do a couple of things. Get some books about dentists and read them. Play dentist as home. let her be the dentist and you the patient, and the other way around.

let her go with you or hubby on a very easy and nice dental exam of your own. let her watch one of you get the exam.

Good luck!

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