Tuesday, January 20

Make Believe Monday: Roll Call

We are starting the slow process of preparing for the new baby. In order not to get too overwhelmed I decided to prioritize one task at a time. Breaking things down in small work-able chunks that can engage Sophie seemed like the best way to go to avoid insanity. Not that I'm complaining by any means, I LOVE TOYS, and everything babies, but I am also out of room. Completely.
Task #1: Organize Sophie's Dolls.
Our Make Believe Monday turned into "Let's pretend your dollies are from different families and build them different homes" which took up almost 2 hours of our time!
This turned out to be extra fun since Sophie took it upon herself to scour the house and bring every baby she owns upstairs. I unfortunately do not remember all of the names, so we ended up repeating a bunch. We did manage to count a whopping total of 77 + the missing and (chewed up) Princess Kayla--she's the pink version of the purple and tan ones that we do have in the pics below.

In this picture we have the Big Momma in blue in the middle of her kingdom surrounded by her cabbage patch kids, Angie Julieka, Rosie Muriel, and our latest addition Frannie Elizabeth, along with brand new Ivy waiting for her pig tails to get down, and lastly all of the stuffed Mickey and company. In the top left there is an overview shot of her whole room, and in the top right there is her collection of the Disney dolls, babies Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, 2 Snow Whites, 3 Belles, and one Little Mermaid. (This collection continues in her barbie suitcase where she 2 of each + the High School Musical gang.)

In this pic I have the two Kayla's in the top left; Melanie and Effie in the top right; and Ducky, Melody 1 and Melody 2 in the bottom middle. In the background picture are from left to right, Ava, Jillian, Sammy, Josie, Sally, Angie, and Amy.

This is a picture of the bassinet which is now referred to as the Twin Tower Condo, and the delightful group in the white crib of dollies that started them all.

In the top right we have the Bitty Twins, Little Aunt Julie and Little Sophie, followed by the original Bitty Baby, cleverly named Bitty and Fancy Nancy. In this portion of the tower we also have several orphans who may or may not have names.

In the bottom left we have the original brat pack; Pepper, Lucy, Annabelle, Duffy, Bonnie, Katie, Annie, and Purple Annie. In the center of the photo we have Cloe & Hailey, Noelle & Joy, Boy & Girl, Debbie & Henry, the triplets: Julianne, Pixie, and Castle (don't ask), and finally our fave twins, Jenny & Jodie.

Here we have Lizzie, Carrie, Izzy, Molly, Emily, a basket of unnamed dolls, and under the night stand are Mandy & Kimberly (mine from childhood,) and Daisy who was my mom's when she was a kid.

Lastly we have another little Aunt Julie, another Sophie, Isabel, and Kiki.

Not pictured are Maddy and Jean who are currently vacationing in the nature bouncy in the nursery. (I forgot to take their picture.)

I decided I wanted to document all of this so I took lots of pictures. I really hope Sophie turns these dollies into a real collection. How fun will it be for her to give these to her own children someday. If not, then she certainly has a record of all of the dollies she once loved.
Task Accomplished.


Kelly said...

WoW!!! That is A LOT of dolls. If she is anything like I was @ her age, she plays with each one. (I LOVED my dolls)
You better pray for a boy...another little girl might try and "share" those dolls with her. :)

I completely understand where you are coming from re: running out of room. I was kidding with my Mom the other day about not having a party for C's birthday this year bc I had NO WHERE to put the toys he would surely get. ;) What a BAD Mom moment that was. :) (oops)
Thanks for sharing all these pics. I am amazed that you got all their names down. And if makes me feel a little better that C is not the only one who has everything.

Kelly said...

I tagged you on my blog...I can NOT wait to see your answers. :) I may even know a couple of them.

Robyn said...

That my friend is a boat load of dolls. I hope she enjoys her collection.

Melissa said...

Holy dollies!! She's going to have a lot to pack when she leaves for college!

lisaschaos said...

Looks like you have tons of babies already! Wowza!

The Sports Mama said...

And with one post, you have reminded me of another reason I'm glad I've got boys.

That many dolls, with that many eyes looking at me at night....


Hi, my name is Julie said...

OMG I totally want to rearrange the furniture in my house too. I just got a warm fuzzy! Thanks Sissy!

PS - I'd be happy to trade services with you if YOU want to re-arrange my furniture, I'll organize your closets. Just let me know.

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