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Thursday, December 4

Weird, wacky, WHATEVER kind of Wednesday

It seems the elves were playing a little trick on Sophie when they gave her Pez candy in her calendar this morning.

Sophie said, "Oh great, little tiny candy things."


Then I pointed out the little figurine on the shelf behind the calendar (it didn't fit.) OHHHHHHH.

A Pez dispenser!

Well then-

"This the best candy in the world!!"

Why wouldn't a little plastic reindeer make all the difference in the world?

OK, so here's how the day was supposed to go. Music class, drop the car off at the dealer where a loaner car was waiting, stop at Walmart to grab a couple of items for Emeril's sweet treats recipes , make the recipe and do a Christmas craft and have lunch while waiting for the cake to set , clean the upstairs bathrooms (Sophie LOVES to mop floors--who am I to stop that?) and then while Sophie naps I was going to clean the downstairs and finish the laundry before dinner.
I know I am a little ambitious. HA! I guess in my 'back-to-normal' glory of plan making and Christmas enjoying, I forgot the golden rule: everything planned takes TWICE as long as expected, so be flexible. It even took me twice as long to get to music because my dumb brand new slightly used vehicle already needs service. All of the things crossed off the list above were the things we didn't get to. It's my own fault.
But all's well that ends well. We managed to do a craft. This was hysterically stupid because it was almost too hard for me! I had to hot glue almost everything which Sophie was whining about because she wanted the glue gun.
Sorry Kiddo, but I just don't have my car to rush you to the hospital with 3rd degree burns today.
Then she dumped the glitter all over the table right at the same time my hubby calls and says nothing was going to be covered under our supposed 'bumper to bumper' warranty-AND they were out of loaners and wouldn't pay for a rental car.
My head almost exploded.
This is when I ran upstairs to my closet to do some pillow talk screaming and punching. When I came back downstairs I told Sophie to finish the project however she wanted while she at least finished the measly bag of microwave popcorn that I made for lunch. Nice.

Then it was, "Mommy, I don't want to nap today."

Of course you don't sweetheart because I really don't need any mommy time. There's not much that needs to be done. No problem.


She watched TV for like 2 hours after that. I didn't even care. I should have sat down and just watched TV with her, but Oh no, I had to try and be Supermom and fix all of the little problems going on my world.

I will say that calling the GM of a car dealer was about the most brilliant thing I could EVER have done yesterday. Seriously, not only will everything be fixed FOR FREE now, but they have a delightful Camry standing by should the repairs take a little longer in case I need a car. AND they are considering either giving me that 'bumper to bumper' I thought I had, or at least a refund for the crappy warranty they conned me into buying. Win win. whoohoo!
I don't even care at this point, I'm just glad the dumb thing is getting fixed.
But back to Sophie. By this time in the afternoon, she starts to get all whiny that she's bored, which was code for uber-tired, but instead of forcing her to nap (because I was in NO MOOD for a fight-or take her up to the filthy bedrooms) I encouraged her to play in the sink and attempt to wash the dishes.

She embraces every chore with 100% enthusiasm and yesterday even offered to dry the dishes once she was done. It took her almost an hour to complete the task while I ran around like crazy trying to clean the rest of the house and do laundry.

Yeah, my lack of caffeine delirium had set in (we were out of dt.pepsi and i was sweating too much for coffee) and I was on complete psycho auto-pilot.

Sophie did a great job, I got the entire first floor SPOTLESS including the dusting--all of the laundry washed and dried (but not folded--I'm not that good) and even had about 30 minutes of playtime left while we waited for Nate to go pick up dinner.

Yeah, you didn't think I would cook in my nice clean kitchen did you? Remember the glitter?

I told Nate that I really hoped Santa Claus would consider giving me my cleaning service back. I miss them. Besides, even though I find cleaning somewhat satisfying (you get immediate results) I do not have the personality that can do fun stuff when there are chores to be done. AND there are ALWAYS chores to be done which means all work and no play for me most of the time.

I think the real reason for yesterday's chaos was simply because on our first two days of Christmas, I ignored the chores and spent every moment I could with Sophie. Considering I snapped by day 3, well, I guess I still need to figure out a better balance here.

Oh and one last thing. Apparently the Wonder Pets are slowly but surely taking over because once again, they managed to get me off my computer so that Sophie could play their new computer game. I have to admit though that the "Save the Puppy" is really cute and reminds me of a certain little puppy I brought home once. I couldn't resist. So I sat and colored instead of blogging yesterday while the Wonder Pets taught Sophie how to give a puppy a bath. Good times.


Kelly said...

YaY for you getting the work done for free, like it should have been. Way to go!!! Don't you LOVE it when women get the job done??? I do!!!
I (of course) LOVE Sophie's snowman dress. (I love snowmen)
I have to you guys get up and immediately get dressed? BC around here, we stay in our jammies until the LAST possible minute. I am a slacker on that.
I know what you mean about having the house in order/clean. I can be watching tv and something will catch my eye and then I can not sit there until I do whatever it is that needs tended to. (UGH)
LOVE the gingerbread house/train. GREAT craft.
I hope you get your cleaning service back for Christmas.

Robyn said...

Whew, that was quite a day. I like the pillow talk, I may have to try that some time. No, you didn't buy the extra warranty, they are never good for much, the sad thing is when I canceled mine in the required time they never refunded the money and I paid with interest for the stinkin thing.

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