Saturday, December 20

PSF: A Crazy Sweet Christmas!!

Christmas Crazy

I wouldn't mind the title of Mrs. Claus.

At all.

In fact, I decided this year to pretend. In my mind she's in charge of the cookies. She's in charge of the belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.
That grocery list is real. I bought that stuff. Almost all at once.

So I began with 14 1/2 dozen Spice cookies to shown above. In the past my hubby has called them 'heroin' cookies, because upon consumption, you are immediately addicted to them and actually go through withdrawal if you run out.

Unfortunately in the batch you see above, I had forgotten the baking soda. Took me a day or two to figure that out, but I did and simply chucked them all and re-made them. This time I only made about 10 dozen, but they came out almost perfectly. I have to say that these little morsels are a special treat because not only do you have to sift all of the flour before measuring (a total of over 20 cups) but you have to hand roll them each--twice! This is a total of about 294 spice cookies, individually rolled twice.

Then came the rest of the baking.

PEANUT BUTTER BALLS: 2 batches ~(188 individual balls-hand rolled)

FUDGE: 1 batch (78 pieces-individually wrapped)

SNICKERDOODLES: 2 batches (8 dozen, individually rolled)

SUGAR COOKIES: 4 batches (half frosted, half plain)


PUMPKIN ROLLS: 8 (that's right 8 since Thanksgiving!)

This picture includes ALL of the sweets in the house at the present moment.

You see, Mrs. Claus isn't just in charge of baking, she's also responsible for all of the delicious visions of treats that dance around in the heads of millions of children each year.
I started with my own child by decorating a gingerbread house and tree shown here in the middle of the table with BUCKETS of candy also shown:

spice drops, dots, skittles, MnMs, licorice, tart'n'tiny's, peppermint ribbons, raspberry filled, candy canes (4 kinds), special-ordered red, green, and white swirly lollipops in peppermint and fruit flavors, peppermint nougats (my fave) and of course the Wilton special decor candy that comes with each kit.

The candy list also includes an assortment of Christmas chocolates--mostly left in the advent calendar--chocolate Santa's, Hershey kisses (regular and peppermint), Reese's Christmas trees, and chocolate coins.

I don't mess around with my Mrs. Claus responsibilities. Neither does my hubby when it comes to helping Santa out on Christmas morning. I think I'm more excited than Sophie!

This is ready for December 26, along with a bucket of tums, Pepto Bismal, and a sorely neglected member card to lifetime fitness.

The bellies will shrink, and probably be right back to normal by next Thanksgiving when it starts all over again.

Oh, and if anyone wants to play a Christmas prank on their endocrinologist let me know; I'll let you borrow the pictures!

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Kelly said...

WoW. You have been BUSY!!! I guess we know what you have been doing instead of blogging. ;)
Everything looks YUMMY! I think I will come to your house.

Love the pic o the fruit & water. TOO funny!!!

Shellie said...

That is one heck of a list of goodies. I say you are Mrs. Claus.

stACEy said...

LOL! about the endo thing.
looks soo yummy!

scrappysue said...

sometimes i wish we had less candy in the house!!! hope you are feeling better!

Missy said...


I also did a LOT of baking over the past couple of weeks. And then I ate it all. It was good. :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I LOVE those snacks - you must be having an army over!! Those PB balls- right up my alley!! Did you make these photos into scrap pages - they look so adorable!!

A Slice of the Pie said...

Obviously you've been hard at work, but that just makes my teeth ache thinking about all that sugar. Wouldn't stop me from eating it though!


Damama T said...

Oh the yummy goodness! I'm so impressed! You must be the coolest mom in town!

I bet you are pretty, too. and Sweet! Probably sweeter than all that stuff put together... and.. ummm... (what else can I come up with to convince you to put me on your goodie list?) LOL!

Merry Christmas!
Damama T's Christmas Crazy, too!

tommie said...

You have been one baking queen!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Karen said...

Wow! That's a lot of cookies and candies. And lots of calories. but who cares, It's Christmas.

Amanda said...

I'm getting a sugar high from all those goodies ... and the pretty pics.

Lightening said...

Oh YUM and double YUM!!!! I've just started my christmas cooking over the weekend. Everyone hovers around the kitchen when that happens. I have a shortbread recipe that I only ever make at Christmas because it's painfully time consuming (takes hours to make not enough cookies).

P.S. I'm coming to your place for Christmas. Think I'll make it before all those goodies are gone?

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Yum! That looks like pure happiness to me.

Robyn said...

That is a whole lot of cookies, I'll be over shortly:)

Melissa said...

Wow, when are you coming to bake at my house. All I can say is Mrs. Claus does not live here! :)

Hi, my name is Julie said...

Um, WHERE did you get that snowman goodie holder??? I love it!!!! Just when I was all pleased with myself for making PB balls... That's right - just the PB balls. *sigh*. Oh well. Can you please show me how to cut up the fudge in perfect pieces? I either have a brick that won't come out of the pan or a bunch of messy pieces that look like Ryan cut them with a butter knife.

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