Tuesday, December 23

One Cold Winter's Night

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in jammies. Not the first time we have done this, but it was the first official Christmas night that we stayed in. We had just finished this new fleece blanket to go with our fleece jammies, when Sophie decided Jackers needed it the most.
It doesn't matter that we had the heat blasting, a fire blazing, and his fur coat to keep him warm. He just needed that little extra something.
He's such a good sport, and Sophie had a blast taking care of him!


Kelly said...

awww...she loves her doggie. He is like her child, she takes care of him first. ;)
I LOVE the blanket. Fleece is awesome!!!

Robyn said...

Great blanket, I made my first one the other night a Tinkerbelle one for the girl.

SuperCoolMom said...


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