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Tuesday, December 16

I'm getting a lump of coal......

Yesterday I woke up at 2:30 AM because I couldn't sleep due to the fabulous sack of snot sitting in my head. Thanks Soph....
So, yesterday I decided not to make the same mistake by taking some cold medicine before sleeping.
Sleep for 12 hours.
12 hours!!!!

So I'm behind. A lot.

In order to entertain Sophie I decided to do a little video trick and post it on my blog. Unfortunately the folks at Disney don't let you copy and paste embedded videos, so I went through the back door.

On the video above this post you'll see where the URL is supposed to be----a little message as to what I get for being sneaky.


Well, as soon as I get organized, I'll take that off and just share the link with the world like I'm supposed to.

In the meantime, coal--smoal. I've been a good girl.


Kelly said...

that is SO cool!!! I bet Sophie LOVED it. ;)

I don't know about the coal, but I do know you will be getting at least a Chicken Soup book. :) Which by the way is going out to the post office today. (I was sick yesterday with a migraine)

I hope you are feeling better today and get caught up. 8 days till Christmas!!!

stACEy said...

very cool!

feel better!

kay said...

12 hours!! bliss.

hope you are feeling better. sorry i haven't been around much. crazy around here. i'm sure you understand!

Burgh Baby said...

12 hours? WOW! I don't get that much in three nights, let alone one. Maybe I should ask for some cold medicine for Christmas . . .

Nicki said...

That is awesome! I am going to try that for Little Bear!

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