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Monday, December 8

Crazy Busy Weekend!

For the first time that I can remember, time is moving just as painfully slow as when I was a kid and at the same time so quickly I want to stop the clock so I can soak in more.


This weekend I spent fantastic quality family time absorbing every blissful moment while frantically trying to capture every memory with the camera.

We had a couple days with some boring advent surprises: Sat, a slinky jr. that doesn't really work, and Sun. some Hershey kisses with some Princess nail polish that her daddy doesn't want her to wear. OK, so even the elves aren't perfect!
The Hershey kisses were good though!

And the several hours playing with Auntie Julie more than made up for the boring trinkets in the big wooden tree. Somehow I didn't get any pics of this fun playtime, but I was up to my elbows in cookie dough and other holiday goodies that I guess I just couldn't grab the camera. I ended up making 14 DOZEN spice cookies btw! I think I've already gained at least 5 pounds with at least 3 weeks to go before the new year's resolution kicks in! Yikes!

Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up some more ingredients for the yum yum shoppe that is now my kitchen.

How come I get a good action shot, a fabulous facial expression, a GORGEOUS smile, or mesmerizing eyes but I can only get them one at a time?

A good action shot with a silly facial expression would be fun, or how about that smile and those eyes together? In the same picture?

Does anyone really want to see all that chewed up bread in her mouth? Nope, but I guess at least the eyes are there. And if Santa shows up with Photoshop, well then I guess it just won't matter now will it?

Anyway, no one can ever say that Sophie and I don't have fun EVERYWHERE we go, because these pics above were taken while waiting at the deli counter. Yeah, we're a riot!

Then came her first cake making experience--not to be confused with cake baking, which she is still too young to do.

She greased the pan, measured the popcorn, tested the M'n'M's and finally after it all said and done, fell on the floor, stuffed like a little turkey!

Except for the melting of the marshmallows, she literally did the entire thing. This cake is called something like Miss Hilda's Popcorn Cake from the kitchen of Emeril's mother? I think. We got it off of one morning when we happened to catch Emeril and his son (I think that was his son) making some treats on Good Morning America. Sophie saw this and right away said, "Let's make that Mommy."
Well, who am I to deny this kid anything--especially when it comes to dessert?

The weekend wrapped up last night with a visit from Gamma, and unfortunately due to one piece of pizza too many, these babies just couldn't buckle up their seat belts and ended up with several broken bones! Thank goodness there was a doctor in the house. Poor Sophie Mommy got a ticket for failure to buckle to up her little ones, but thankfully everyone will make a full recovery.

When I asked her how much the fine for the ticket was Sophie, not missing a beat, replied, "One dollar."
Phew! Sophie sang and read to her little broken babies and nursed them back to health--all before bedtime!

It's just NEVER a dull moment around here. Today will be NOOO exception! Let the season RING!!!!!!!!! whoohoo for Christmas.


Kelly said...

I love your new look for winter.
What a FUN busy weekend and two vistitors, super.
I love the scrapbook pages of Sophie and her faces and cake making.
Want to share your recipe for that? ;) CJ LOVE'S popcorn and m&m's.
I hope you get photoshop for Christmas. It is wonderful. I don't have it, but my Dad did.
I think it is awesome that you guys have fun regardless of where you are AND that you have the camera there to capture it all. What a great talent that is.

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW! you are awesome. so many great fun things to do....and goodies....and pictures...with scrapping done. whew...I'm exhausted just looking at it all. Go girl!

oh and I am starting to wonder if the advent thing is taking a bit of the suspence out of Christmas. My girl seems to find the small treasures a bit boring this year....and almost seems disappointed. sigh....

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

you are having too much fun over there!! Love your advent box!

The Sports Mama said...

How fun!

Enjoy it now... the whole teenager thing that happens to them? Ruins them. (ok.. sorry. Can you tell I'm having teenager issues today?)

Just me said...

Susie! I love your new blog design! It looks great! And all of the pictures all scrapbooked:) Wow!

I think that's great that you take the camera in with you to the supermarket and take pictures even at the deli! I never would think to do that;) That's great:)

Melissa said...

See now this year is going way to fast for me. Before I know it, it will be over and I will be wondering where it went.

I love the silly pics of Sophie...sometimes those turn out to be the very best.

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