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Tuesday, December 2

25 Days of Christmas

On Monday we started the Advent calendar. Sophie wants the Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer DVD. She's started asking for it about 2 seconds after we bought her the Save the Nutcracker DVD two weeks ago at Target, so imagine my surprise when the Elves left a little note in the calendar along with some peppermint kisses saying they left her a surprise by the big TV.
When Sophie saw it, she goes: WOW, this is the exact movie I wanted! Where's the surprise from the elves?
Unfortunately I think she gets that unsatiable appetite for wanting it all from her mom.
However, since coming off the wicked drugs I discovered the humor in parenting again. Phew. Because seriously, if you lose the ability to laugh at being a mom, then you lose the ability to be mom. At least I do. And I have, but not anymore. Here's an example.
After she watched her new DVD with breakfast Monday morning we had to run a couple of errands before going out for our fave Target lunch and heading home for a Christmas craft before nap time. (oh, and btw we never got to the craft)
Well, the second we got out of the car and walked into the bank, Sophie began whining for a lollipop. Now, I didn't see any lollipops and really didn't want her to have more sugar than absolutely necessary, so I explained we weren't at the right bank for lollipops. Only the one by Grammy's gives those out. (and I no longer bank there coincidentally)
Score one for me. Meltdown continued while I finished my business. 10 minutes and a whole bunch of tears later, the banker looks at me and says not so quietly, can she have this?
Yes, it was a little grape dum dum lollipop.
Sure, but where the h**l was this stupid thing 10 minutes ago? I really said, sure, but YOU should give it to her--she pretty much hates me right now anyway. I just wanted the teller to feel like the good-deed-doer I'm sure she was trying to be in her young, thin, pretty, 22 year old NON mom way.
Any who-Sophie took the lolly and life is OK again.
I finish up, grab my bag, turn and....
You guessed it.
Sophie dropped the dumb dumb on the lobby floor and it smashed into a thousand pieces across the shiny clean marble.
More howling.
I almost told her to lick it up.
I stood stunned, embarrassed and beat red --unsure how to even approach this until finally an older, very sympathetic banker lady came to my rescue with another lolly. Actually, she was sympathetic to Sophie--not me--as she gave me a look that said, "Gosh mom why are you being so hard on her-she's only a kid!"

Now, I didn't say a word about this incident to anyone until now. I even told Sophie when we got in the car that I didn't understand what the fuss was about, or why she melted down about a silly little lollipop, so instead of getting mad--I'm simply choosing to move on and focus on what she did right. well, at that moment she had stopped crying. jeez.

And with that we both let it go.

Here's why I know now that was the right way to handle it.

Today, after discovering the adorable little purple pen and candies in the calendar from Santa Elves we ventured off to the mall to return something.
Yeah, a mall at Christmastime with a 3 year old--not so safe. BUT--once Sophie discovered the Disney store there was no turning back. I just went with it. I relaxed--and let her be. She grabbed pretty much all of the floor samples: baby stroller, babies and stuffed animals, vanity tables, golf sets--you name she grabbed it and had it stationed at the front of the store for a good 10 min play time. No big deal I thought until the "Mommy, I want to get this today" started.
Sorry, nothing till Christmas. This is now Santa's job.
Once I convinced her to walk away from her little mini play land to walk around the store with me, I thought we would be OK. And I was right.
When we got back to the entrance I told her to leave the stroller and keep her fingers crossed that Santa will get her letter--
"As a matter of fact," I said, "let's go tell Santa RIGHT NOW--so we won't forget."
"OK," she says, and walks away from the store completely tear free! See, I quit harping on her and she finally does the nice things. I focus on the good stuff and she acts accordingly. At least today. Thank God!

Yeah, she's the

Until, we finally find Santa's house in the mall, and wouldn't you know? He was at lunch!
Not because she wanted to sit on his lap or anything--oh no, she's wants none of that nonsense, but she really needed ME to tell Santa what she wanted. (let me say right now, I dread the moment when I actually have to do this--I have always and forever been TERRIFIED of the mall Santa.)
"Then, well, can we go back to the Disney Store and get something?"
I just kind of snorted.
Then she bumped her lipped on a low counter by Santa's fireplace.
Meltdown with a couple extra screams.
Awww, poor thing. She definitely didn't deserve that.
No, I didn't buy her a dolly. I thought about it though.
I do have some restraint. But she did get a little ice cream cone to help that bruised lip--you know, because the cold works just like an ice pack-only yummier!

See? This is funny stuff here. I can't imagine missing another moment. So I won't. I'd say if I keep up looking for the humor, this will be our best Christmas yet and it's only the second day! Not bad if I do say so myself--and I can't WAIT for tomorrow-just because. When was the last that happened?

Oh, and here's a little slide show of what Sophie thought was sooooo funny at lunch! (Aunt Anne's yummy pretzels-yeah, we're healthy today!)


Kelly said...

I love the way you tell your story. I think you should read the story at the library during storytime.
I could not agree more about finding the humor in each situation.
And I want one of your calendars. The only ones I ever had only had choclate in them. And gross choc. at that.
Who knew there was such a thing as gross chocolate. ;)

Robyn said...

She sure gets some good stuff in her calendar.
I hate meltdowns. I don't do them very well. I am very bipolar when it comes to them either I give in right away, fight it tooth and nail right back, or just leave her screaming on the floor like today when she thought my learn spanish cds were a disney movie she couldn't have.

Mamarazzi said...

i feel like i LIVED that.

you. are. my. hero.

she can't be perfectly adorable ALL the time...good thing she is MOST of the time.

it is so funny i look at her sometimes and see my daughter at that age...except for the eyes. J's are blue.

Naptime Crafts said...

Glad to see your little one watches tv with breakfast! My little one is almost 2 and it's all I can do to get her to sit and eat some days!

stACEy said...

what a beautiful little blog and I loved your reminder to laugh at being a mom.. its tougher when they get older, they think you are laughing at them OOPS!


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